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Why A Contractor?

How much time do you have to devote to the home improvement project yourself? What are your capabilities and what is the quality that you expect when the job is done? Saving cash and hiring a contractor may be an easier way to get the job done, particularly for critical projects, unless you have experience and/or are willing to learn new skills.

Your skills and capabilities need to match the desired quality you want for your outcome. This is the largest factor in deciding on whether or not to give us a call (301-408-8283). The cost of home remodeling needs to be quantified by the result achieved after all the time and materials have been invested in your home.

#1 Time?

How much time do you have to devote to doing the work? Do you have the time to learn the skills needed? Call us at 301-408-8283 if you need our skill to help you start and finish your project.

#2 What is the expected quality for the finished job and the total costs of the job?

A quote may be larger than you expected but those costs take into account things you had not considered. Sometimes inexperienced homeowners cost themselves money and quality in the long run due to their lack of experience don't let that happen to you!. Call us at 301-408-8283 because we have the tools to do the job and the experience as well.

#3 Do you have the general mechanical and physical aptitude and the ability to maintain high quality with repetitive tasks?

Lifting sheets of sheet rock, hammering for hours, kneeling down and laying tile for hours at a time, or painting over your head, all require balance, perseverance, attention to detail and physical strength. Being elderly, physically challenged or fearing heights are all reasons why calling us (301-408-8283) will get your job done right when it is time to repair or remodel your home.